mini yet mighty

LIVING the mini van life


Making van life realistic for the weekend adventurer.

Some say life ends when you buy your first mini van. We think that is when it starts. You're regularly dreaming about grand adventures and scrolling through van life pictures on Instagram. And you feel a bit of jealousy every time a camper van or a vintage VW passes you on the highway on your way to work. We get it, We feel the same way. 

Here is the good news. Van Life doesn’t have to be an all-out commitment. You can have a 9 to 5 job, mortgage, family AND have access to a life on four wheels.  You don’t have to spend tens of thousand on a semi-reliable sprinter van or weeks rebuilding the engine of a 1960’s VW mini bus to have your own adventure mobile. All it takes is a good ol' mini van,  a bit of creativity and some guts to get on the road.

Trust us, #minivanlife is the new #vanlife so hop-on in!


Thanks for coming! We're Michelle and Gabor. We float from corporate jobs to back country adventures. We had struggled with how to achieve our van life dream until we converted our perfect little mini.